A Peek at the Latest and Greatest in Office Coffee Services

Let us fill up your cup with fresh ideas percolating in our latest issue. From consumer case studies to trendy snacks, Brewing Innovations delivers all the buzz on the latest and greatest in Office Coffee Services and beyond. 

Discover® Global Network, the global payments brand of Discover Financial Services, processes millions of cardholder transactions each day. With industry expertise, innovative technology and a closed-loop infrastructure, Discover Global Network provides effective, customized solutions that evolve as needs change. Discover Global Network has alliances with 25+ payment networks around the world, and is led by three Discover businesses: Discover Network, with millions of retail and cash access locations; PULSE®, one of the leading ATM/debit networks in the U.S.; and Diners Club International®, a global payments network with acceptance in over 200 countries and territories.

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Just Baked uses cutting-edge technology to safely deliver incredible tasting food to customers. Just Baked is the best in food technology, at zero cost to you. Bring next-level, turnkey food innovation to your customers with menus that meet their needs.

Visit us at justbakedkiosk.com

Retailers are accelerating the implementation of self-service, kiosks, vending machines, and self-checkout. Unattended operation has become one of the most important strategies of retail transformation.
Newland AIDC, offers supra comprehensive barcode scanning solutions with shortened development cycle, allowing quick adaptions of your business to the marketplace. Read More

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Go Nutty with Ludicrous™ Nutty Snack Mix! A mix of insanely seasoned peanuts, pretzel sticks, rye chips, and sesame sticks come together for a snack mix with over-the-top flavor that’s as addictive as it is mouthwatering.”

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April's Innovations 

All of Swyft's retail automation solutions include integrated hardware, management software, and managed services. The world's leading brands and retailers utilize our turn-key solution; with services including everything from location procurement and store fit-out development to replenishment and reporting.

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Offer your customers an easy new way to bring favorite Jimmy Dean® breakfast flavors with them anywhere they go. Packed with protein and full of the quality you can trust, Jimmy Dean® Loaded Sausage Bites and Mini Omelets are sure to become your customers' favorite new go-to on-the-go snack.

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Check out the Yoke POS from Cantaloupe, a powerful, cost-friendly terminal solution for your micro market or self-service business. From the intelligently placed credit card reader and barcode scanner to the flexible mounting system, and multiple connectivity modes, all of YOKE POS’s capabilities were designed to better serve consumers and simplify any self-checkout process.

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Café CURVE by Vendors Exchange updates your existing commercial coffee machines for a fraction of the cost of a new machine. The new Café CURVE door with an interactive touchscreen offers customers a wide range of choices of customizable drinks and cup sizes. Owners can control recipes to ensure the best drinks across all their machines. A 21.5" touchscreen offers easy ordering and enhances the customer’s experience. Add selections with an assortment of cup sizes, and charge for additional flavors or condiments.

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By next year, it’s estimated that micromarkets will generate $1.6 billion in annual sales. That's big news for any operation, large or small. To make the most of this opportunity you need the right strategic insights and product mix to grow your business. Read More

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Made with Tyson® NAE Portioned Chicken Breast.

Breading profile is sweet and savory, delivering notes of dill, onion and garlic.

The soft brioche bun complements with a buttery-sweet flavor.

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Combined refrigerated and ambient design allows you to sell beverages/fresh food alongside snacks and dry goods.

Optimized equipment weight for easier placement with clients.

Computer vision technology for automated product recognition: no product scanning required.

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OREO Cakesters Soft Snack Cakes are a delicious, soft-baked twist on a classic sweet treat. This convenient grab-and-go snack makes a great addition to your micro market or pantry. OREO Cakesters, the delicious twist on America’s Favorite OREO chocolate sandwich cookie taste!

Visit mdlzfs.com for more great snacks!

Keg-free design makes Nitron the ideal platform for delivering authentic Cold Brew taste without the need for a complex or lengthy brewing process.

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Koe blends organic fruit juice, live probiotics, and refreshing sparkling water into a craveable drink with real benefits. It’s USDA Organic, Non-GMO, Vegan, Gluten-Free, and Non-Alcoholic certified.

Every can of Koe has billions of live, premium probiotic cultures and over 200% of the RDA of vitamin C to support the immune system, optimal gut health, and more.

Koe is shelf-stable, meaning it doesn’t require refrigeration to stay fresh. This makes it easy to ship and simple to store at retail and at home. Koe has a shelf life of 12 months, unlike most kombuchas that need constant refrigeration and still spoil after a couple of months.

For more info visit drinkkoe.com or contact [email protected]

Perfect Hydration is the first 9.5+ pH alkaline water in a 16.9 oz INFINITELY RECYCLABLE aluminum can.

Perfect Hydration is not ordinary water. It is supercharged water that is purified to its cleanest form through a 9-stage filtration process and enhanced with a proprietary blend of minerals & electrolytes for a perfect taste and balance.

Perfect Hydration uses US-based municipal water sources, not foreign springs, which means less global shipping & a lighter footprint.

For more info visit perfect-hydration.com or contact [email protected]

Make the time to enjoy two fluffy layers of vanilla yellow cake with a delicious chocolate icing. These iconic cakes can be yours, any time, anywhere.

For more info visit flowerfoods.com or contact [email protected]

Delicious, creamy iced coffee.

Made with just-right balance of creaminess to coffee.

Made with real milk and real cream.

For more info visit danoneawayfromhome.com or contact [email protected]