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general session keynote GEORGE BLANKENSHIP
with emcee MARK JEFFRIES


Wedneday, April 6 | 1:00pm - 2:30pm

Blankenship revolutionized the car-buying experience in his executive roles at Tesla Motors. Earlier, as vice president of real estate at Apple, Blankenship executed one of the most triumphant retail growth strategies in history and is widely recognized as the architect of the company’s brand-building retail method, which generated a sustained increase in sales, profit and consumer loyalty. His innovative processes inform and transform secure, status-quo organizations into forward-thinking and dynamic players of the future. Blankenship will demonstrate how businesses can remain competitively positioned in the modern market and deliver first-class customer care.

In addition to his presentation, Blankenship will be interviewed on stage by Mark Jeffries, a leading host, emcee and moderator for major events around the world. Many NAMA members already know Jeffries as the main stage host and facilitator of NAMA Executive Forum events. He brings sharp business knowledge, years of insight into many industries and a warm wit to the role. A former stockbroker, Jeffries regularly appears as an expert guest on NBC’s Today Show, Fox Business, BBC News and writes for The Huffington Post. He is the go-to facilitator, moderator and emcee for multinational events of large and small organizations around the world.

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plenary session speaker JEREMY GUTSCHE

Thursday, April 7 | 9:00am - 10:00am

Gutsche, the founder and CEO of Trend Hunter, the world's number-one trend website and innovation consultancy with over 3.5 billion views and 10,000 projects completed, regularly shares his insight with more than 300,000 business leaders who subscribe to his weekly newsletter. His recent book, “Create the Future + the Innovation Handbook: Tactics for Disruptive Thinking,” is a New York Times bestseller and winner of the Gold Medal in the 2021 Axiom Book Award competition.

In a fast-paced plenary session, Gutsche will draw parallels from social changes happening now to those that occurred due to the Bubonic plague and the Spanish Flu. Gutsche says these pandemics, respectively, were responsible for ushering in the Renaissance and the Roaring ’20s. He says that times of crisis lead to urgency, action and ultimately to innovation. Over 600 brands, billionaires and CEOs rely on his innovation keynote speeches and workshops to predict and create the future.