Brent Christiansen is the Vice President of Hospitality Sales at La Colombe Coffee Roasters.

Brent’s journey in coffee did not begin until he had graduated college. While traveling in Italy Brent tried his first sip of coffee, ever. This beautiful experience opened a world of possibilities.

Shortly after this trip, Brent began working at La Colombe Coffee Roasters in 2006 as a barista at La Colombe’s original cafe in Philadelphia. Since then he has held countless positions at La Colombe, from Account Manager & Educator to Vice President of Hospitality Sales.

Over the past 15+ years Brent has helped to curate the La Colombe Hospitality experience for clients like Fontainebleau, Ralphs Coffee, Whole Foods Market, Marriott Hotels, American Airlines, among others.

Brent is based in Brooklyn, New York and splits his time from coast to coast. Actively working with our Hospitality Sales Teams in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Texas, Chicago, Miami, Charleston, Washington DC, Boston, and Philadelphia.