Barry and Lory Strickland, also known as The Vending Mentors, are Vending Machine Business Educators and Mentors. They’ve been in the vending machine industry for over 32 years!

Born and raised in New Jersey, they hopped in their Honda and ventured West to sunny San Diego to create a new life. Barry became a school teacher by day and a bartender by night, and Lory a mail carrier.

They realized they wanted to be entrepreneurs, and Barry placed vending machines at his schools. They grew their vending machine business to over $500,000 in gross sales per year and were able to quit their jobs.

They also started refurbishing, repairing, and moving vending machines for vending operators. They began to see a need to educate and mentor new vendors to help them avoid mistakes and succeed with their businesses. They have a heart to help others and love giving back to the vending industry, which has given them so much!

Their tagline is, “You’re Only One Vending Machine Away From Being Your Own Boss.”

They enjoy riding bikes at the beach, RVing, golf cart rides without the golfing, and spending time with their two daughters and three grandchildren.