After over a decade managing successful restaurants and clubs, Nate went back to college for Network Administration to begin a new career in the world of technology. Graduating Suma Cum Laude, he was hired on by Patterson Companies after a successful internship with their network administration and hardware department. Originally starting as a digital support specialist, he quickly moved into quality assurance analysis for their flagship software line Eaglesoft. There he specialized in hardware integrations, and completely reconfigured the expansive quality assurance lab with a streamlined workflow for testing.

After a few years at Patterson, Nate went on to manage an IT company spread over several states. Specializing in building offsite hardware configurations, installing those configurations, and eventually selling them. Next, Nate was hand selected by the CEO of J&J Ventures to be the Director of Sales and Marketing at SMART Software where he expanded the company both nationally and globally.

Currently Nate works with WTIwireless as the Director of Sales Development, and continues to speak at national conferences across the country about technology and digital transformation. In his free time Nate DJs at clubs/festivals along with nurturing his inner nerd by staying on top of bleeding edge technologies. He is a lover of dogs, sports, food, and vinyl records.