3 Habits of Consciously Intentional Leaders

Wednesday, May 8 • 9:30am – 10:20am

Being intentional means setting a success framework that packs a serious punch in terms of keeping you and your team motivated and structured. The problem is that most of us fall short in that mission. This presentation is for leaders looking to sharpen their talents and be more intentional. Relatable insights include how to keep distractions from taking center stage, how to recognize when the same way of doing things doesn’t cut it anymore, and how to establish the SMARTEST goals.

  • Create an ideal roadmap for a focused week. Stop wasting time and start planning to do more of the right things versus more things.
  • Clarify goal planning, progress, and achievement using the SMARTEST framework.
  • Know, remind, write down, and live your priorities in your life. Set daily success indicators that lead to immediate results.