5G Integration Insights

Tuesday, May 7 • 10:00am – 10:50am

Cellular carriers are constantly promoting 5G networks. Do you have the fear of missing out? As our industry evolves to include more complex and data hungry, connectivity becomes a higher priority. While 4G LTE technology is adequate to support most applications today, it won’t be around forever. This session will explore the current applications of 5G, the timeline for 5G deployments, which type of 5G connectivity works best, and what you must know when deciding to stick with 4G LTE or to upgrade to 5G.

  • Understand cellular carriers strategy for 5G deployments and the outlook for 4G.
  • Compare the anticipated costs of 5G deployments vs. the current 4G LTE.
  • Make an educated decision on when and how to deploy 5G connectivity in your operation.