Innovation in Implementing Sustainability: How to Captivate Clients, Grow Profit, and Do Something Good for the World

Tuesday, May 7 • 9:00am – 9:50am

There are amazing new trends in sustainability that are market-demand drivers that, as an industry, operators are missing out on – but these market changes are inevitable. For years, sustainability speakers have waxed poetic about impractical ideas and applications using staid and dated approaches without recognizing the business need to both do well for the environment and be successfully profitable. This session covers trends in sustainability and how to sell and scale successfully while increasing value to customers through innovation and impact. This session will not only cover trends and use cases but also have more of a “contrarian” approach to selling in sustainability. This session will address how sustainability can be impacted by different elements of your business, your clients’ varying definitions of sustainability, how to approach decision-makers who value sustainability, quantifying your sustainability efforts, and certifications that can impact your business. Owners, operators, managers, and those in business development need to know the major changes in the market landscape which is being heavily influenced by sustainability – yet with the insight and tools to do this in a way that adds value to their business and profits to their bottom line.

  • Understand the real market data and changes being impacted in your business with sustainability initiatives and consumer demand.
  • Redefine product mix and sales approaches in your portfolio that can add more value to your clients, accretive revenue to your business, and profits to your bottom line–while doing good for the environment and working with tailwinds vs. headwinds.
  • Reconsider traditional selling approaching from conventional FAB (feature, advantage, benefit) selling to a newer mode of Outcomes and Experience-based selling.
  • Understand the various angles from which clients view sustainability and be prepared to address them.