Why “Employee-First” Experiences are the Secret to Winning New Business

Tuesday, May 7 • 5:30pm – 6:00pm

In 2024, operators have an incredible opportunity to transform the workplace experience for their clients by leaning into employee-first solutions. According to Gallup, productivity is 66% greater for employees with positive well-being. However, 44% of employees say they experience a lot of stress. Companies need partners who can solve this challenge, designed for the new hybrid reality. MacCalvin Romain, SVP of Product and Strategy at New Stand, will lead a discussion on how to create employee-first experiences that win new customers and expand long-term partnerships.

  • Increase client loyalty by designing your services around the needs of its workplace culture.
  • Engage workplace consumers through empathy.
  • Increase traffic and sales by centering experiences around workplace consumers.