Unattended Payment Innovations: A Practical Guide

Wednesday, May 8 • 9:30am – 10:20am

The landscape of unattended payments is changing every day. Once it was revolutionary to accept noncash payments. Today, frictionless markets, autonomous stores and coolers, biometric payments, and card not present tokenization are all part of the increasingly normalized – and expected – next frontier. How can operators meet the needs of these growing demands, while capitalizing on the financial opportunities they present? What are the big unattended markets on which to focus? How are they different from traditional attended markets? How should you implement innovative payment technology? Learn the answers here.

  • Understand the next frontier of accepting non-cash payments.
  • Learn how to financially gain from embracing these new payment technologies.
  • Understand what unattended markets need focus and the keys to participate. Then, prepare an implementation plan.