Corey Marcum is the Director for Kentucky Business Enterprise, a division of The Kentucky Office of Vocational Rehabilitation. He has worked for the Commonwealth of Kentucky for 17 years, primarily with the disabled population. He has spent the last 7 years as the Director of the Business Enterprise Program. There, he provides leadership for 26 blind vendors that generate over $21 million dollars in revenue from vending, micro markets and large full-service dining operations. He holds a master’s degree in Business Administration and is currently finishing his Doctorate in Educational Leadership.

He is a firm believer in being evolutionary rather than revolutionary. Exploring new and innovative ways of doing business while focusing on the financial health of operations are paramount to his philosophy. Mr. Marcum has been the driving force for changing operations to micro markets and fresh market concepts throughout the Commonwealth, all while maintaining quality customer service experiences. Understanding the challenges and evolving customer needs, he has been a leader in helping vendors streamline their operations while elevating the standards their consumer base demands. This has been imperative for success as we continue to navigate the post covid landscape.

When not working, he enjoys all things that make Kentucky such a wonderful place to live. Those include Kentucky basketball, boating on Lake Cumberland and horseracing at Keeneland. He has also been known to enjoy the newest limited releases from one of the many famous distilleries on the Bourbon Trail. All in moderation, of course!