Welcoming the Next Generation of Leaders: Our Employees, Not Technology

Tuesday, May 7 • 8:00am – 8:50am

This session focuses on success from placing a higher value on people, instead of the traditional business model of treating profit as a bottom line. The overarching theme is that profit and company success will follow if value is instilled in an employee base. As opposed to “Neutrality in Pursuit of Profit,” the emphasis is on economic, environmental, and social responsibility in the workplace as they become more prevalent. Learn how you can foster and support younger and entry-level employees to create a lifelong career in convenience services. This session applies to all individuals who lead a team, have led a team, sit on the board or C-Suite, or have hiring power within their organization.

  • Describe a business model of creating value through employee hiring and offerings.
  • Conduct and lead a company or sector of a company in a manner that supports and encourages a new generation of leaders.
  • Define what a sustainable corporate transformation means for your company and workforce.

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